A Little About Me | Little Pretty Designs

 Hello my Name is Emma :) I am 35 and live in Ontario, Canada with my husband and 2 kids 9 and 14. Pressing flowers has always been one of my favorite activities for destressing and recharging when things get crazy. As a child my grandmother and I used to press all kinds of flowers straight out of her garden in Devon, England using big heavy books and water color paper. ❤

In 2000 my parents, siblings and I moved to Canada leaving behind the majority of our family including my grandmother. It was a tough transition but pressing flowers the good old fashioned way held a sense of nostalgia and normalcy and helped me to still feel close to my grandmother. Over the years I have continued to to collect flowers and press them this way.❤

In 2018 I was struggling with severe depression, there was a lot going on that was out of my control and it was consuming me. I began to drown in my own head and retreat from the world pushing everyone away.

Spending that much time alone with my own thoughts took me through some pretty dark places and I realized I had to make changes or things would only end badly for me. I again turned to nature taking small walks that gradually turned into long walks which is where I begin to see things a little differently. I would collect unusual stones and driftwood, pretty flowers and leaves or anything that caught my eye while out.

I eventually ended up with quite the stockpile and finding ways to put them to use as hypoallergenic jewelry and create floral earrings and other pressed flower jewelry with them was the perfect distraction from my thoughts while at home and was exactly what I needed to help pull me from the dark place I was in and gave me something positive to work towards. ❤ 

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