Its all about the plants! 🌿🌼🍃

Anyone who knows me knows that I love plants and have quite a few indoors currently, I say quite a few to soften the facts a little. I have so many at this point its beginning to look like a hoarders house plant edition in my home! 😬🤷‍♀️


In the summer they live all over our home and add a happy little touch of the outdoors but in the winter... the winter is a different story, there is only 1 room in the house they are happy in... my office!



This is when I get to see just how bad my plant hoarding has gotten for the year and compare to the previous year. They start off in their usual spots but as they start to look wilty or sad during the winter months they all slowly make their way to my office, almost like a plant hospital. By spring they have almost all made their way in there and it becomes like a game of Tetris just to move around! 🤣



We often joke that during the winter I need to tie a rope around my waist before entering the office as to not get lost in the forest and still be able to make it home for dinner! All I can say is maybe I have a problem but they make my heart happy and the air is always much clearer up here! 😉❤


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